Hi Ya'll!



I’m a native Floridian and New York Transplant. I'm an actor/writer/producer. I love comedy and creating characters. I have a hard time comprehending the phrases “Everything in moderation” or “portion control”. I am a carbaholic--french fries and pasta are my weakness. I love the sun and cease to function in cold climates. I recently learned of the magic of under eye cream. Last year, I ran my first half marathon. I like to run, or rather, I like the way I feel after I'm done running. I worked professionally singing for years but I still get most nervous when doing karaoke. If you have a cute cat I will probably house sit for free. If you have HBO and Netflix I definitely will. Throw in a box of Trader Joe’s wine and I might move in. I have synesthesia which means I see numbers, letters and words in colors. I often sing what I should be speaking. I like hiking, camping, folk music, musical theater, podcasts, and making sketches with my friends. I want to travel more. LET'S MAKE SOMETHING RELEVANT!