Actress. Writer. Storyteller. 


If you want to see what I've done professionally before I ramble at you, click HERE

If you're like duh you're an actor but tell me something I don't know, then...

I'm from Florida and the product of two psychologist parents. Yes, we talked about feelings all the time. 

I have a hard time comprehending the phrases everything in moderation or portion control. French fries and pasta are my weakness and I will eat until either my plate is clean or my stomach hurts”whichever comes first.

The Floridian in me loves the sun, but my Irish skin does not. I recently invested in under eye cream so I guess I'm finally an adult. In my best shape I can run a half-marathon without training. In my worst shape, putting the chairs up at the end of my serving job leaves me sore for about a week. I'm finally watching Game of Thrones and am HOOKED!

I worked professionally singing for years, but I still get nervous when doing karaoke. If you have a cute cat, I will probably house sit for free. If you have HBO and Netflix, I definitely will. Throw in a box of Trader Joe's wine, and I might start paying rent. I have synesthesia which means I see numbers, letters and words in colors. I like hiking, folk music, musical theater, sleeping in hotel beds, pretending I can cook and making sketches with my friends. I have a list of podcasts that I want to turn into feature films. My biggest desire is to travel more, a luxury my starving artist lifestyle rarely affords.. so if you are still reading HIRE ME?!



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